Pay & Benefits

Whatever role you are interested in, we offer a competitive total pay and benefits package. With the diverse range of the opportunities within the Emirates Group this package varies from role to role to ensure that we attract and retain the talent we need to continue our success.

The details below give a flavour of the benefits we offer for generic Dubai based roles, but please check with our Recruitment Specialists to find out which will be applicable to the role you are interested in, especially if this is outside Dubai or with dnata.

Alternatively please review the benefits in each of the specific careers sections.

Pay & Benefits

Fixed Compensation for Dubai based roles

Competitive base salary, paid tax free and reviewed annually

Accommodation or a cash alternative

Transport or a cash alternative

Variable Compensation for Dubai based roles

Role specific allowances – payable to those in specialist roles or who have specialist skills

Eligibility for the Emirates Group Profit Share scheme – an annual scheme that pays out to all eligible colleagues if the Group profit target is exceeded

Pay & Benefits

Benefits (contractual)

Medical insurance; Life insurance; Personal accident / Workmen’s Compensation – insurance to ensure you are appropriately covered for medical treatment, emergencies and accidents whilst employed by the Group.

Education Support Allowance – assistance with the cost of your eligible children’s education in Dubai or abroad, applicable to eligible grades only.

Annual leave – a minimum of 30 calendar days per year.

Annual leave travel – a return ticket home each year, paid for by the Group.

Pay & Benefits

End of Service Benefit - a gratuity payment at the end of your service with the company which increases with your length of service.

Pension Scheme – a retirement savings plan, applicable to eligible grades and nationalities only.

Benefits (non-contractual)

Emirates Group Staff Travel – enables you, your family and friends to travel the world at discounted rates on Emirates Airline and selected other airlines.

Pay & Benefits

Emirates Platinum Card – enables you to benefit from discounts on shopping, dining, entertainment, services, leisure and hotels from 1000’s of retailers in Dubai and around the world.

Finance, accounts and audit

The strategic growth of the Emirates Group is largely dependent on our finance function, which handles the reporting of the 60-plus companies within Emirates and dnata. It’s a challenging but rewarding environment for finance professionals as they drive forward our exciting lines of business. We offer openings at all levels within our large operation from Revenue Accounts, Internal Audit, Financial Services, Risk Management and more. Our roles offer ample opportunity to learn all about internal and international financial processes and reporting whilst building a rewarding career


This high profile business area is ultimately responsible for the Emirates Group’s profitability, so it’s an exciting and challenging part of the business.

The teams focus on reviewing channel and segment performance, analysing market intelligence and then reporting recommendations to senior management and key stakeholders. Dynamic, intuitive professionals thrive in the role, and they are able to develop plans to optimise profiles and performance, and represent our brands at regional and global industry events.

From launching exciting new business initiatives to pricing our products and services for the retail and corporate travel markets, there’s a lot going on in our Aviation and Commercial departments.


There are always career opportunities for driven professionals keen to maximise revenue and profit for the group in the following areas

  • Business Development
  • Customer Support
  • eCommerce
  • International Affairs
  • Product Innovation
  • Revenue Optimisation
  • Sales
  • Strategic Planning
  • Systems Development

Corporate communications, marketing and brand

This is where our skilled professionals plan, develop and execute all communications relating to the Emirates Group. We use every advanced tool available to ensure that our customers’ needs are anticipated, met and exceeded; via data, insights, relevance and creativity. We manage the full 360 degree spectrum of marketing communications through myriad customer touchpoints. Areas within Corporate Communications, Marketing and Brand include: Brand Management, Advertising, Digital, PR, Sponsorship and Events, Social Media, Internal Communications and our own Audio-Visual team.

Information technology

Our global reputation as an IT innovator is underpinned by a strong, visionary team at the Emirates Group where innovation is at the core of our culture. With over 2,200 staff, it’s the largest operation of its kind in the region and an exciting place to build an IT career. Given the breadth of the IT department’s reach, talented, ambitious and service-driven professionals can succeed across a range of areas from airline and airport operations, travel and leisure, to all of the corporate service areas providing support to the business. We are constantly on the look out for talented IT specialists who have experience designing, developing and integrating systems and business solutions, across a spectrum of roles.

Medical services

We believe in looking after the health and well-being of our people and that includes offering the finest primary medical care. To ensure this, we have two dedicated clinics managing in-house medical services for eligible staff members and their families. They’re busy practices and our staff represent a wide range of competencies, from doctors and nurses to dentists and laboratory specialists. All of our medical professionals have the opportunity to develop and thrive within their respected disciplines.


For more than five decades, dnata has established itself as an industry innovator in the Middle East. We are proud to be the leading travel management company in the region offering the most comprehensive range of corporate, leisure, partnership and trade services. We are expanding, and today we provide a one-stop-shop for all travel across over sixty countries. Comprising a mix of both consumer and business to business brands, we also offer a range of specialist services including sports travel, government travel and visa provision, along with sales and marketing representation for a variety of airlines, travel companies, hotels and attractions.

Human Resources

We’re a large international business, and we’re constantly growing. So we need innovative and flexible human resource solutions that support our growth and commercial targets.

Due to the diverse range of business areas and the scale and complexity of our organisation, our HR teams need to work closely with each other and with the business to achieve the strategy of each division.

We’re looking for passionate HR specialists who are committed to attracting and retaining the highest calibre talent, building a flexible and adaptable workforce, developing management and leadership capabilities and seeing people realise their potential.

Human Resources

You could be part of one of the following divisions within our department:

  • HR Business Support
  • Central Recruitment
  • National Recruitment and Development
  • Learning and Development
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Corporate Psychology
  • Shared Services
  • dnata HR

Safety and security

Our customers and staff expect the highest levels of safety and security from the Emirates Group – and we’re fully committed to giving them the peace of mind they deserve. The Emirates Security department provides services across all areas of our business from comprehensive surveillance service to theft, document fraud and misappropriation. Similarly our safety divisions, whether supporting the initiatives of Emirates or dnata, work to ensure that a safety culture is prioritised and followed at all times.

Procurement and logistics

Teams focusing on either Aircraft Services or General Services negotiate and manage contracts with our third party suppliers.

Roles in P&L are suited to dedicated professionals who relish the challenge of continually finding ways to mitigate costs, increase productivity, boost quality and improve processes within the group.


The team helps senior management with key decision-making and advises our departments and businesses. Because no two days are ever the same, they experience a full spectrum of legal issues.

Application Process

Depending on the type and level of role, the selection process may contain some or all of these elements before an offer can be made.

To start the application process you’ll need to apply online and please ensure that all required information is provided.

Tip: Upload your CV so we can view full details of your experience and qualifications.

Some of our roles will ask for proof of specific licenses and certifications so please have them ready to upload as required.

Application Process

The assessment process for a lot of our roles take place in Dubai. Candidates who may be required to travel to Dubai will be assisted by our recruitment team in terms of travel tickets, visas and accommodation. For other roles our recruitment process may take place in your home country or somewhere close by.

Every hiring decision is an important one, so we may take some time to make a final decision on your application; but we will always let you know the outcome. Good luck.