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A Day in Life of Tingting Zhang, Supervisor Airport Services

When did you join Emirates?

I joined the company in March 2014, as an Airport Services Agent. I was promoted to Supervisor Airport Services in March 2018.

What do you do as a Supervisor Airport Services?

I work closely with the Invitation Only/VIP Services team that meets and greets Chinese VIPs, assisting them at DXB. Besides this, I also assist Chinese tourist groups at Arrivals and Departures. I communicate regularly with 18 local Chinese travel agencies as part of this process. I meet Chinese groups every day, and they’re very happy to see a Chinese person working for Emirates. It makes them feel welcome and special.

What are the highlights of your career so far?

Within three years of joining Emirates, I’ve worked in six teams, including check-in for Economy, Business and First Class, at the Departure and Arrival gates, and at the Connection desk.
I was the first Chinese national to be part of the Invitation Only/VIP Services team, and the first to be promoted to supervisor within four years.
In March 2018, I was assigned to help set up the team for Chinese VIPs and groups. I’m currently working as a check-in and gates supervisor.

What do you love about your job?

We meet customers from all over world and I really love this. It brings the opportunity to learn about different cultures, discover different languages and learn from other people.
I also like the fact that I can be a brand ambassador for our airline to the Chinese community.

What are some of the challenges you face on the job?

The challenge is to motivate the team to deliver our services flawlessly. We need large teams to manage groups, and at peak times this can be difficult to resource. For example, we might need 16 colleagues to check in a group of 1,000 customers.
I also have to monitor flight closing times, communicate with Baggage Services and provide updates to the duty officer, but it all gets done smoothly because of teamwork and efficient processes in place.

Tell us about moving to Dubai for work.

Before coming to Dubai, I’d never worked abroad. It was a big decision to quit my job in China and move to Dubai to start a new life, but I’ve never regretted it. I like Dubai for its cosmopolitan environment, cleanliness, safety and, above all, the chance to have new experiences working with the best airline in the world. Emirates has given me a chance to see the world and I’ve been to Italy, Hungary, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Austria, Georgia and Turkey.

Tell us about a memorable incident that occurred on the job.

A high-level diplomat was transiting through DXB with his delegation. The group was due to have a three-hour stopover in Dubai before catching a flight to their final destination. Before the diplomat arrived, I contacted our First and Business Class lounge manager to arrange a private area for him to relax in. However, after he landed, the diplomat wanted to use the gym at a hotel. Though we had very little time to communicate with the hotel to book the gym, we made it happen. After visiting the gym, they arrived at our lounge where I confirmed their baggage information and ensured the delegations’ bags were loaded on the outbound flight in plenty of time for departure.